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History of Rocklyn Inn Bed & Breakfast

The Rocklyn Inn was originally built in 1881, owned by W.H Dodson and called the Lorne Hotel in honour of the Marquis of Lorne, who was then the Governor General of Canada.

Over the next quarter century, W.H Dodson became a leading figure in the village, being a general merchant, postmaster, innkeeper, commissioner for taking affidavits, issuer of marriage licenses, conveyancer, valuator and money lender.

On July 12, 1891 the Lorne Hotel was hit by lightning; no one was injured but the buildings were burnt to the ground. The hotel was reconstructed that same year as an exact copy of the original.

Rocklyn, now a quiet farming community of approximately 100 residents, was once between the 1880’s and the 1920’s a thriving village.

The Lorne Hotel located at the main intersection was a centre of activity and remained that way through the early part of the century, filled on fair days and other special occasions with travelers and salesmen visiting regularly.

When the hydro line was being built on the 4th line in the Grey County area, 36 construction men boarded at the hotel. The hotel had 13 bedrooms, a large dining room, a gentleman’s bar room, and a lady’s music and sitting room. One room housed the post office until 1896 when it became a butcher shop.

George Currie and family had purchased the hotel in 1908 and operated it until 1926.

The last big event in the hotel was a banquet held December 13, 1926 to honour Grey County Warden, John T. Miller of Rocklyn.

After this event in 1926, part of the hotel became the private home of George Currie’s daughter Barbara Currie who was a school teacher and local historian. The hotel section of the building remained virtually untouched until her death in 1979. That same year an estate auction was held and all of the hotel’s furniture and contents were sold.

It’s amazing to think of the time almost 130 years ago when so much work was completed without the help of electricity and running water.



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