The following COVID-19 procedures are currently in place at Rocklyn Inn Bed & Breakfast-

We are providing private assigned bathrooms for guests who are not comfortable sharing a bathroom with other guests. We do not have ensuite bathrooms.  We try our best to keep guests separate. We offer separate stairwells, living rooms and bathrooms for guests of different groups.  We also provide separate breakfast seating times. We are leaving 1 hour between guests of different groups for breakfast service. We change all of the serving utensils, disinfect all chairs, tables and other offerings by wiping them down with Lysol Disinfecting Spray.

At Rocklyn Inn B & B we are using Lysol Anti- Bacterial solution to wipe down all surfaces as well as high touch surfaces such as door knobs, light switches, table tops, railings, handles, TV remotes etc.  We care about your safety and ours and make sure to disinfect all surfaces.  We are also providing hand sanitizer at the front door for immediate use upon entry into the Rocklyn Inn B & B.  We also provide Lysol Spray bottle and paper towel in bathrooms which guests can use to wipe down surfaces such as the coffee maker, microwave, kettle, water cooler and mini fridge before or after use.  Between guest bookings we wash all linens, towels, bedding, duvet covers, napkins, and other fabrics that guests contact with the hottest water setting each item can handle and bleach when applicable with white linens.